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One of my goals at MillWorks is to present you with craft projects that are affordable, yet yield heirloom-quality results you can be proud of. Finding the supplies you need for a craft is as simple as looking for your friendly MillWorks buildings. When yarn is needed in a project, for example, the yarn mill will show up at the top of the page. The barn is for those little things that may be anywhere around the house--including pet fur!

Crocheted Tablet Case

With a handy zippered compartment and a buttonhole closure, this crocheted case is customizable to any tablet, including kids' awkward tablet shapes and sizes. It's easy to make, too!

The Guinea Pigs' Storybooks: Activity Packet

This downloadable/printable packet has 18 pages full of fun and games for all ages.

Hula Hoops

Make a pair of budget hula hoops, custom-sized for you and a friend, and have a fun new hobby to share!

Littlest Pet Shop Blythe Clothing

My six original crochet and knitting patterns will help outfit your (or your child's or grandchild's) Littlest Pet Shop brand Blythe in a stylish new ensemble!

Lottie Doll Goodies

I have made so many projects for Arklu's Lottie doll, that a whole section of goodies appears on this page.

Magic Stickers

"Magically" create amazing clear stickers using things you probably already have in the home!

Scarf for Big Friends

Crochet a striped scarf for your favorite larger-sized doll or stuffed animal. It's much easier than it looks, with a simple method to avoid having lots of yarn ends to weave into the work!

Scarf for Tiny Friends

This simple scarf project is perfect for beginning crocheters.

Simple Skirts for WellieWishers

These skirts sew up so easily, and are great for using up fabric scraps from other projects. You can adapt this project to fit other dolls.

Lottie Doll Goodies

On the following pages, you'll find all sorts of ideas and patterns for making a nice collection for Arklu's Lottie doll.


Make a tiny knitted afghan so your Lottie can stay warm. This also includes an idea for a tiny doll for Lottie.


Make sure Lottie is all set for school, with this adorable tiny backpack. It's so easy to make!

Carrying Case

On this page you can find some ideas for how to store your collection.

Composition Book

When it's time to study or write what she's done during the day, Lottie will appreciate this book. It's even lined!

Fleece Blanket with Monogram

This personalized blanket will help Lottie feel extra special!

Hair Accessories

Does your Lottie need a hairbrush, hair ribbons, headbands, and ponytail holders? Find them all here!

Mushroom Stool or Table

This wood mushroom makes a perfect stool or table for Lottie.


Now Lottie can write notes to her friends and do her schoolwork. These instructions can also be used to make colored pencils.

Picnic Blanket

Help Lottie have a fun day outside (or in!) with this cute and reversible picnic blanket.

Pillow and Pillowcase

These are certainly needed for sleepovers and pillow fights! This page also includes an idea for pajamas in a pinch.


This adorable crocheted poncho can be made in so many different ways to match Lottie's outfits. It looks cute with tights being used as leggings.


Knit Lottie up an oversized scarf that will keep her extra warm in the winter.


Artistic Lotties will love to have a sketchbook of their own. Don't forget to stop by the pencil craft page so you can make them a set of colored pencils!


Sew a simple skirt for Lottie to change up her wardrobe.

Slouchy Hat

Lottie will look so stylish with this knitted hat.


When it's time to eat, Lottie will appreciate having a cup and saucer/plate. This project is very, very easy to do!

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