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Welcome! On this page, you can download a Guinea Pigs' Storybook series activity packet and character guide. Be sure to scroll all the way down, so you don't miss anything!

The Guinea Pigs' Storybooks: Activity Packet

Download 18 pages of printable fun, celebrating The Guinea Pigs' Storybook series by Melissa J. Taylor. There are so many things to enjoy in it!

  • If you have a guinea pig, there's a party hat to color and print, and a recipe for cookies for your little friend to enjoy.
  • Interested in the artwork? Find out more about the books' illustrations, follow step-by-step instructions to draw a guinea pig, and then challenge yourself to a scrambled drawing puzzle.
  • If you enjoy quizzes, you'll find plenty here! There's a personality quiz to see which guinea pig you resemble the most, as well as ones that test your general knowledge about the books.
  • Prefer puzzles? Grab your pencil and play with the word scrambler, help a guinea pig get through a maze to find his carrot, fill out a crossword, and go word searching.
  • That's not all--there are more puzzles, jokes, and instructions for games.
  • The activities are designed for a wide range of ages--from child to adult--and there are so many ways to enjoy them. Schedule a book club with friends, have a themed birthday party, share applicable sheets with students, enjoy the activities with your favorite cavies . . .

    Download The Guinea Pigs' Storybooks: Activity Packet

    The Guinea Pigs' Storybooks: Character Guide

    Download The Guinea Pigs' Storybooks: Character Guide

    This alphabetized character guide prints out like a real booklet--with a side-fold--and requires three sheets of paper and the ability to print on both sides. It contains a one-page profile of each of the eight main characters.

    One really special feature is that you'll get to meet and see photos of the five real-life guinea pigs who helped inspire the series!

    Bonus Quiz: Super-Challenging Trivia

    The activity packet can take a long time to download if you have a slow connection (the character guide isn't too bad). Here's a bonus quiz you can take while you wait! To see the answers, drag your mouse with the button pushed in the empty space below each question.

    1) What are the official names of the constellations Henna points out to her cousin?
    Highlight for answer: Lupus and Ursa Minor

    2) Percival's dad is known for being smart. Is he a scientist or a professor?
    Highlight for answer: This is a trick question! Percival's dad is a science professor.

    3) How old is Percival?
    Highlight for answer: Percival is only one year old! This is done intentionally since guinea pigs grow quickly. His "one" is written about similarly to a child starting first grade. Guinea pigs are able to do a lot soon after they're born. For this same reason, Percival's baby brother Pumpkin is up being a terror soon after birth.

    4) What's the name of the boy who gets to play the part of the frog at school?
    Highlight for answer: Harry

    5) Which of the eight guinea pig friends has an older brother?
    Highlight for answer: Violet has a grown brother. He doesn't appear in any of the stories.

    6) How many drawings in total appear in the series?
    Highlight for answer: 403! The Guinea Pigs' Summer Storybook and The Guinea Pigs' Fall Storybook each have 100. The Guinea Pigs' Winter Storybook has 101, and The Guinea Pigs' Spring Storybook has 102.

    7) What magazine does Violet read in the story "Rainy Day?" (Hint: The magazine belongs to Chloe's mom.)
    Highlight for answer: How to Raise Challenging Guinea Pig Pups

    8) What is Violet's last name--and also her color?
    Highlight for answer: Her full name is Violet Butterscotch. As a child, I won a pet show award with the "real" Violet--it was for the pet with the strangest name. It hurt my feelings! "Violet" was a flower that meant "shy," and "Butterscotch" was in reference to her hair color. I didn't realize that her name meant "purple yellow." Oops!

    9) What do Aunt Puffy and Uncle Fubsy's names imply?
    Highlight for answer: That they're typical guinea pigs--tubby!

    10) What are Pumpkin's two favorite things to play with?
    Highlight for answer: Despite having toys all over his room, his favorites are cardboard boxes and mud!


    For help on how to use the activity sheets, read page two of the PDF before printing it out. You can also print the activity packet out on both sides, like a book/magazine, attaching it together with staples or by spreading just a very thin line of glue along the left-hand side of the front of each page. The character guide should be printed out as a complete booklet.

    Have fun!

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