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Littlest Pet Shop Blythe Clothing*

There are six different patterns, so be sure to check out the whole page!

Crocheted Set for Blythe

This set can be a two-piece swimsuit, undies (camisole and panties), or summer pajamas (tank top and short shorts)! The goal with this set when used for undies is to make them thin and tight-fitting so that clothing can be layered over them. For example, the LPS outfit my doll came in still fits with this set on. Shoes will not fit over the socks, though. I used silk thread. Crochet cotton will work as well. I've also made these undies in blue size 10 thread. If you're making the set for outerwear, size 10 crochet thread is great--and comes in lots of fun summer-y colors!

The top and bottoms call for a size 7 crochet hook. Your gauge may be different than mine, but these are so quick to make that you can make one, and then size up or down a hook size as needed.

- Chain 25 stitches somewhat loosely (this makes it easier to go through the back loop). Leave a long thread at the beginning, to use as a tie.
- Single crochet (sc) across, going through the back loops only. (24 sc.)
- Chain 1, turn. Sc 3, skip 4, sc 10, skip 4, sc 3.
- Chain one, sc across (16 stitches) for a total of four rows.
Finish off, leaving a tail. Sew together beginning and ending crochet of final row once, to form into a tube; anchor thread well. Do not go any higher than just these stitches. Next, take the thread and weave it up to the top, on the opposite side from where the other tie is. Anchor it there to use as a tie. Knot the end of each tie.

- Chain 15 stitches somewhat loosely.
- Go through the back loop of each, creating 14 stitches.
- Chain one, crochet going back and forth for as many rows as necessary to cover the painted-on undies. Keep holding them up to the doll for help.
- Divide for legs by doing the following: chain 1, skip 6, single crochet, chain 1, skip 6, single crochet.
- Optional: For a tighter fit, single crochet around each leg seven stitches, slipstitch in the center. This creates a nicer look, but makes it more difficult to pose the legs.
- Sew up the back.

Make two using any color cotton crochet thread in size 10.
1) Cast on 7 stitches on size 000/1.5 mm needles. (Add or remove a cast on stitch if you think you tend to knit smaller or larger.)
2) Knit a row, purl a row until desired length is reached--10 rows minimum for short socks or "boots." End after purling a row.
3) On the final row, knit two together, knit two together, knit two together, knit one.
4) Run a needle through remaining stitches to gather them up. Then sew along back edge. To make the socks look like boots, anchor on a faux tie made from the thread.

Spring Set


Headband can be worn in many different styles.

- On size 7 crochet hook with size 10 crochet thread, chain 100 loosely.
- Double crochet across through bottom (underside) loops only.

- Chain 29 on size 7 hook with size 10 cotton crochet thread.
- Single crochet (sc) across, through bottom (underside) loops only. (28 sc.)
- Ch1, turn, sc 4, skip 4, sc 12, skip 4, sc 4.
- Ch1, turn, sc across for four rows. (20 sc.)
- Ch1, turn. 2 sc in each stitch. (40 sc.)
- The dress is now formed by crocheting in the round without a ch1 and no turning. Place a marker to keep track of the rounds, or count by tens four times (to indicate 40 stitches completed per round) if you prefer. Now, crochet 6 rounds in sc.
- Scallops: Sc in first stitch. Sc, dc, sc in next. Repeat from beginning around. Finish off when you reach the beginning.
Bodice shaping: Reattach the thread on the correct side, centering for 26 stitches instead of 28.
- Ch1, do not turn. Sc 8, sc 2 tog. decrease 5 times, sc 8. (21 sc.)
- Ch1, turn. Sc 8, sc2tog, sc1, sc2tog, sc 8. (19 sc.)
- Ch1, turn, Slip stitch across. Leave string to form a tie, and attach another tie on the opposite side.
If desired, add a flower or other mini trim. For a warmer look, extend the sleeves.

Slouchy Hat

Cast on 38 stitches on size 1 knitting needles.

- Make a k2, p2 rib for 3 rows (your second row will have to begin with purling).
- Purl a row.
- Knit 1, make 1 across.
- Purl a row, knit a row for 7 rows (you will end with purling a row).
- Knit 1, k2tog, repeat across. You'll end with a knit 1.
- Purl a row.
- K2tog across.
- Purl a row.
- K2tog across.
- Purl a row.
- Pull all together on needle, gather. Then sew up the back of the hat.

This hat is worn along the back of the head, from the top of the head to the neck. Place it on Blythe, and then pull the excess bulk of the hat down to the neck to create a "slouch." It can also be worn sideways on the head, like a beret.


As a product reviewer for an online retailer, I get the fun chance to play with toys! One of the toys that I reviewed was a Littlest Pet Shop Blythe doll. Blythe dolls go way back and are now becoming more popular as women are discovering them as dolls to outfit in homemade attire. The Littlest Pet Shop rendition is a nice pick because the dolls aren't as pricey as vintage Blythe dolls--though, they are much smaller and tougher to find patterns for.

To be honest, I didn't like the official Littlest Pet Shop Blythe outfit, her lack of undies (well, they're painted on), nor the fact that her hair was rooted. So I added a little doll wig and some homemade clothes, and instantly she looked more like a collectible than a toy. The outfits will also work as nice gifts for grandmas to make for their granddaughters' play sets.

These patterns were tough to come up with. Blythe has some incredibly unusual proportions, and I made these patterns up entirely from scratch to be as fitted as possible. If what you create is too small, then size up a hook/needle. If too big, size down one.

Have fun!

* I have no connection to the Littlest Pet Shop or Blythe. The Blythe doll on this page was provided for free through a major online retailer because I am a product reviewer for them. However, this was not done in connection with this website.

Providing crafts since October 2011. Blythe clothing instructions are from 2011. Copyright 2011- and all contents by Melissa J. Taylor. Resulting products can only be kept or given away as gifts. Always keep safety in mind.