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Magic Stickers

These stickers look white when placed on white paper--but they're actually clear! And that means the finished stickers can go on something with a different color or pattern, including colored paper or wood, with really interesting results.

Begin by gathering catalogs or magazines with images you like. While one measurement can be as long as you want, try to keep one measurement of each image at under 2" for the nicest, seamless stickers.

To make a sheet to place finished stickers on for storage, cover one piece of white paper (a half sheet may be large enough, as seen at right) with packing tape, making sure to overlap the edges. Set this aside for now.

Roughly cut out your favorite image using safety scissors. We'll do one at a time just to get the hang of it, but you'll be amazed at how easy these are to make! Place packing tape over the image, and rub hard with your fingernail so the tape is pressed tightly against the image. Cut out around the image, leaving little to no margin. Now, place the taped picture in a bowl of water. As it soaks, rub against the paper, so that it comes off.

The image will be left behind, and your sticker is good to go!

The "sticky" won't be a lot, but it should be enough to adhere to a sheet of paper inside an envelope. If not using it immediately, place it on the piece of backing paper you made (and can reuse again and again). If it's not sticky enough, you may wish to eventually glue the image on when you use it. Just make sure you use a glue that dries clear.

There are many projects you can use your magic stickers with!


I first saw how to do this on a craft program, though their project utilized a photo and photocopier. Years later, it dawned on me that perhaps junk mail would work . . . and it does! How did someone ever think of such an interesting process?

This project is so easy, but any age may enjoy the results, even though it's under the toys section. Remember that almost all images you run across--and certainly the ones in catalogs--are copyrighted, so you can only do this for personal use. My favorite resource is Dover Publications' (I have no connection to them--but have been a fan since I was eight!) clip art catalog, because you know that the images are okay to use for craft purposes, and they have lovely vintage images that will appeal to all ages. The magic sticker sheet photo shows images from Dover's clip art archive.

Trying it at home with your home printer? You may be disappointed. Home printers don't often have waterproof ink. If your printer doesn't work, you can photocopy an image in order to use it. However, if any copying is involved, I would recommend purchasing clip art collections from Dover Publications. Most images elsewhere are copyrighted.

Have fun!

Providing crafts since October 2011. Magic stickers instructions are from 2012. Copyright 2011- and all contents by Millie. Resulting products can only be kept or given away as gifts. Always keep safety in mind.