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Hairpin Lace Bookmark "Calligraphy"

Set your hairpin lace loom (a craft plan for one is available on MillWorks) to 1 1/2". Using a size 6 crochet hook and size 10 crochet cotton, create 100 loops on each side of the loom (for an overall total of 200 loops). Be careful when you remove the loops from the loom, to make sure none of the loops twist. Make sure they all are oriented the same way as you work. Figuring out which way to orient the loops can be a little tricky at first! If necessary, you can do one half while the bookmark is still on the loom, removing loops as you crochet into them. The trick I use when trying to position the loops is to keep in mind that the part of the loop that is sitting closest to the hook (nearest to it at the base/center section of the lace) is the part of the loop that goes on top of the hook. The part farther away goes beneath the hook. There should be no twists.

Chain 13, and do one single crochet into 5 loops, holding them together. Then chain 6, and single crochet into another five held together. Continue chaining 6 between single crocheting into clusters of 5. Chain 13 at the corners and single crochet in the center when you get to it. When you get back to the beginning, slip stitch into the center area, switch to a size 7 crochet hook as we begin the second round. We're switching sizes here so that the outer edge is tight and gives some substance to the bookmark, helping it lose some of its stretch and give. Crochet as tightly as you can manage with the smaller hook.

Chain 5, and slip stitch in the same space again to begin the picot edging. Single crochet into the first 6 stitches of the corner (When putting single crochets into the chain stitches, put them into the top two loops.). Then do another picot (slip stitch, chain 5, slip stitch) into the 7th stitch, and then single crochet into the next 6.

Into the single crochet above each cluster, slip stitch, chain 5, and slip stitch again (a picot) into the same single crochet. Single crochet in every chain stitch (there are six between each cluster). Remember that you will be adding a picot to the center of each corner as well.

Finish off with a slip stitch when you get back to the beginning. The pattern repeats, so once you get the hang of it, it's easy to make without this pattern in front of you!

The top and bottom of the bookmark will come to two points, similar to a ribbon when it's cut at angles that meet in the center.


This bookmark isn't necessarily too difficult to make, since it can be crafted within a few days. At approximately 2" x 14", it adds a bold look of elegance to wherever you left off in your favorite book, or simply drape it across a pile of antique books for a period decoration. For a change in its appearance, you can experiment with using more than one color, such as switching threads before adding the edging or the picots--or both! You can get really creative, and modify how the hairpin lace appears by changing how many loops are in each cluster, as well. My favorite color for this bookmark, and the color I have kept one for myself in, is off-white, because it looks like elegant lace and reminds me a bit of calligraphy.

On another note, down the center of the hairpin lace while making it on the loom, I personally don't do a "chain 1" after each single crochet. I have seen hairpin lace directions for either way. For this pattern, it's assumed that there is no chaining done at all while the piece is on the loom, other than the initial chain 1 done to start.

Have fun!

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