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One of my goals at MillWorks is to present you with craft projects that are affordable, yet yield heirloom-quality results you can be proud of. Finding the supplies you need for a craft is as simple as looking for your friendly MillWorks buildings. When yarn is needed in a project, for example, the yarn mill will show up at the top of the page. The barn is for those little things that may be anywhere around the house--including pet fur!

Crocheted Tablet Case

With a handy zippered compartment and a buttonhole closure, this crocheted case is customizable to any tablet you may have. It's easy to make, too!

Elegant Upholstered Stool

Create an heirloom-quality upholstered wood stool that can be used as extra seating or for propping up feet. The fabric can be swapped when it becomes worn . . . or no longer matches your other room decor!

Fairy Door/Mouse Door

This wood and stone door will add a charming touch to your home. It helps show that a fairy or mouse is living inside!

Faux Lithograph on Wood

A laser printer, paper, and wood together can create a vintage-looking sign, box, or whatever you would like! This is a simple transfer process that leaves a distressed look--with none of the work!

Filet Crochet

Learn how to create pictures with crochet. It's a shockingly simple concept for a craft that your great-grandmother might have done. The instructions here also include a skewed graph--necessary for making a design that isn't wider and flatter than expected.

Granny Square

You simply can't go wrong with a simple granny square. Instead of providing a pattern for something specific, I give you all the basics, so that you can make just about anything possible to make with fabrics. Design your own blankets, coasters, purses, shawls, and much, much more! It's quick to master, but the simple skill can bring years of enjoyment.

Hula Hoops

Make a pair of budget hula hoops, custom-sized for you and a friend, and have a fun new hobby to share!

Hairpin Lace Bookmark "Calligraphy"

Use your hairpin lace loom from MillWorks' plans! Craft a simple but elegantly beautiful bookmark with gathered loops and a sweet little picot edge.

Hairpin Lace Bookmark "Symphony"

Use your hairpin lace loom from MillWorks' plans! This pretty bookmark shows off hairpin lace at its most basic, with each stitch separated. The border looks complicated, but is a snap to make.

Japanese Pillow Cover/Fancy Bolster Cover

Patterns for a pretty coordinating pillowcase and pillow slip with a Japanese look. Though the patterns were designed for a specific buckwheat pillow, there are instructions for how to cover any cylindrical pillow.

Luxury Leather Bookmarks

Make extra special, high-quality leather bookmarks using something most people would just throw away!

Old-Fashioned Sign

With just some scrap plywood and an old-fashioned print/poster, you can create a big statement in your home. My example is a Christmas poster, but any poster with an old-fashioned theme will work. (Or, skip the antiquing steps altogether and use a modern poster.)

Providing crafts since October 2011. Copyright 2011- and all contents by Millie. Resulting products can only be kept or given away as gifts. Always keep safety in mind.