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One of my goals at MillWorks is to present you with craft projects that are affordable, yet yield heirloom-quality results you can be proud of. Finding the supplies you need for a craft is as simple as looking for your friendly MillWorks buildings. When yarn is needed in a project, for example, the yarn mill will show up at the top of the page. The barn is for those little things that may be anywhere around the house--including pet fur!

Friendship Journal

This extended craft/writing project will create a special gift of comfort and friendship for both you and someone you know. Take the time and make the effort to create a lifelong link of your friendship!

Grace, the Cancer Patient's Rag Doll Friend

I designed this unique rag doll set for cancer patients, and hope you will consider making one for someone you love. She is bald, with a shaped head that accepts mini chemo caps and yarn wigs. She has a dress, nightie, embroidered apron, wigs, and a crocheted chemo cap. Alterations for boys are included.

Japanese Pillow Cover/Fancy Bolster Cover

Patterns for a pretty coordinating pillowcase and pillow slip with a Japanese look. Though the patterns were designed for a specific buckwheat pillow, there are instructions for how to cover any cylindrical pillow.


Use your crocheting, knitting, and sewing skills to create a soothing gift that can be either cooled or heated to ease pains. Cherrystone bag products, when purchased, are extremely pricey! But this homemade version can make excellent use of your fabric and yarn scraps.

Providing crafts since October 2011. Copyright 2011- and all contents by Millie. Resulting products can only be kept or given away as gifts. Always keep safety in mind.