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Hello! Welcome to the place where you can find fun crafts and books by author, illustrator, and craftster Melissa J. Taylor. Welcome to MillWorks. (Because "MelWorks" just doesn't quite have the same ring to it.)

If you like wholesome reading and heirloom crafting, like I do, then you've come to the right place!

Thank you so much for helping Cooking for My Cavy: Recipes for Guinea Pig Treats become a #1 bestseller in 2017! It was such an honor seeing the special banner on the book page--plus I've been so grateful for the kind words left in reviews, which you can read on Amazon UK (there are many more there) and Amazon US. I hope this book is a lot of fun and helps you have an even more special friendship with your piggy.

Melissa J. Taylor
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Latest Book: Caroline's Cavy Takes the Cake

Summer is almost over, school is about to start, and Caroline feels like she doesn't have anything really exciting to share about her summer. Sure, she got a wonderful guinea pig, and she went camping with her family. But she didn't do anything big like climbing a mountain. So she decides she has to make or invent something . . . and soon!

Meanwhile, two of her friends seem to have no trouble thinking of things to create.

Written in journal style with illustrations based on how the author drew as a child, the Caroline's Cavy series presents young readers with a pair of believable and fun-loving new friends.

Most Popular Book

Cookbook for Guinea Pig Owners

Thank you for making this reprint a bestseller--in multiple countries! In 2013 it made the U.S. Amazon bestsellers list in two pet categories and had a photo spotlight as a Hot New Release. In the United Kingdom it reached #2 in Rabbit and Rodent Care in 2014, and previously made #17 on Most Wished For in Rabbit & Rodent Care list and #15 on Most Gifted last Christmastime in 2013. It continues to do well in the UK, and made #2 in Rabbits & Rodents April 25, 2016. It was #1 in Mice, Hamsters & Guinea Pigs on Amazon France in May 2016.

I have fond memories from formulating the book many years ago. A book can be more than a book--it can be a gateway to creating memories. And I have heartfelt hopes that this book will be that for you. As always, please talk to your trusted veterinarian for information on what foods are safe for your guinea pigs at all stages of life, and remember these are special treats, not to be part of your guinea pigs' diet.

Available where books are sold, such as on Amazon. Or, take the ISBNs to your local bookstore to place an order: ISBN-13: 978-1494204853 ISBN-10: 1494204851

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